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Tax Exemptions

Epilepsy South Africa is a level 4 BEE contributor and is registered in terms of section 18A with the South African Revenue Service. Please ask for your section 18A receipt for your donation.

Information on the tax deductability of donations:

A donation, which will qualify as a deduction for tax purposes, must be made in money (cash) or of property made in kind to Epilepsy South Africa, which has been approved in terms of section 18A. This can be explained as follow:

When can Epilepsy SA issue a Section 18A receipt to a donor?

  • If the donation is made in cash
  • Property made/transferred in kind to Epilepsy South Africa:
    • A financial instrument – an example would be shares in a listed company or a financial instrument issued by a registered financial institution.
    • Trading stock, which forms part of the business undertaking or trading activity conducted by the donor – an example would be wood or paint the branch is using in their workshop to “create” the product.
    • An asset used by the donor in conducting his trade but not trading stock – an example would be computers, furniture, office equipment, kitchen utensils.
    • Property, which is purchased, manufactured, erected, installed or constructed by or on behalf of the donor. This may include the cost of blankets or foodstuffs purchased by the donor, security fencing erected on behalf of the donor or a building donated to the PBO for purposes of conducting the approved PBA.

Donations in respect of services rendered:

The contributions of a service, namely time, skills or efforts rendered free of charge, is not property and will not qualify for purposes of a tax deduction in terms of section 18A. For instance, where an auditor, medical doctor, lawyer, accountant, electrician or any other professional person provides a voluntary service or renders their service free of charge, no tax deduction certificate may be issued.

Other payments that do not constitute a bona fide donation for purposes of section 18A:

  • An amount paid for attending a fundraising dinner and dance.
  • Memorabilia, etc donated to be auctioned to raise funds.
  • The amount paid for the successful bid of goods auctioned to raise funds by a charity.
  • Amounts paid for raffle or lottery tickets.
  • Value of free rent, water and electricity provided by a lessor to the lessee which is an approved PBO.
  • Payments in respect of debt due by and entity approved in terms of section 18A.