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Leave behind a Legacy of Hope

Making a Will ensures that everything you have worked hard for in your life is passed on to your loved ones and the causes you care about. Without a Will, your estate is distributed using a formula decided by the law – and not necessarily according to your wishes.

We would all like to leave this world knowing we are passing on something special to other special people, and what better is there to ensure a future of hope for people with epilepsy? One of the most significant ways to show your passion and support for an inclusive future of people with epilepsy is to leave a Legacy of Hope to Epilepsy South Africa in your Will.

This legacy is called a bequest and is a testimony of your beliefs and values. No matter how small or how big, every legacy contributes to our goal of building an inclusive future in which people with epilepsy will have equal opportunities in all spheres of life. Bequests enable the Organisation to expand services, service areas and continue our fight against stigma and discrimination. With your help, imagine what Epilepsy South Africa can do in your lifetime, and the next.

It is really easy to add Epilepsy South Africa to your current Will

If you have an existing Will, you can make a minor change to it without having to redo the whole Will. You can easily do this by adding a supplement – known as a codicil. For instance, if you would like to leave a gift to Epilepsy South Africa, your attorney can draw up a simple codicil form which is then attached to your Will.
Alternatively you can contact the Organisation at fundraising.no@epilepsy.org.za for more information, or even to specifiy where you want your legacy to be allocated to.

(Did you know? Your gift in your Will to Epilepsy South Africa is exempt from estate duty!)