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Please email our online counsellor with any epilepsy related questions to info@epilepsy.org.za

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Silicone Supporter Wristbands

Epilepsy South Africa has recently created a spanking new silicon supporters wristband. (Yes, those that all the young people are wearing nowadays!!) The wristbands are black in colour and carry the simple message: “What Obstacle?”

The vision of this phrase is to proclaim that we in the Disability Sector and all People with Disabilities that:

“We choose not to centre on disabilities and challenges, but rather focus on our ability and opportunities! What Obstacle?!”

To join many others in this statement you too can order your wristband for a small donation of R15.

Recognise your own strength and the strength of people with epilepsy and other disabilities

Order your wristbands via email at fundraising.no@epilepsy.org.za.