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Please email our online counsellor with any epilepsy related questions to info@epilepsy.org.za

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Support & Fundraising

Epilepsy South Africa Gauteng Branch

Non Government Registration number 001-912

Did you know? Epilepsy South Africa National Office is a level 4 BEE contributor. This means that your company can deduct 100% of your contribution to our organisation from your required CSI expenditure!

(Download a copy of our BEE status report)

With the unselfish assistance of our friends and partners, EPILEPSY SOUTH AFRICA strives to ensure that our clients, people with epilepsy and other disabilities, are in a position to achieve their full potential. Our organisation provides self-enabling services to our clients, facilitating and promoting their integration into mainstream society.

Epilepsy South Africa is registered with the South African Revenue Service for tax exemption. Please remember to ask for your section 18A receipt for your financial contribution to the organsiation.

Epilepsy South Africa needs your support to ensure a future where all South Africans are united in our view on disabilities in a true inclusive society for all.

You can support us in many different ways, such as:

  • regular donations via debit order,
  • once off donations via your bank account or credit card,
  • becoming a member of Epilepsy South Africa Gauteng Branch,
  • becoming a corporate partner of Epilepsy South Africa Gauteng Branch,
  • leaving a bequest to our organisation in your will, or
  • volunteer your services, experience or expertise to our organisation.

For more information on how you can become involved in helping people with epilepsy and to learn more of our easy and convenient ways of donating to Epilepsy South Africa Gauteng Branch, please e-mail Magdaleen@epilepsy.org.za.